Major Projects Completed
(Reference Contact Information Available Upon Request)
AES Co-Generation Plant Newhall, California
        Tank Cleaning, Sludge / Oil / Water Separation System Installation.
Bechtel Corporation / Elk Hills Tupman, California
        Mechanical Construction, Tank & Pipeline Modifications.
        Dismantling/Demolition, Several Projects / Various Production Facilities.
        Hazardous Materials Handling and Hauling.
Department of the Air Force Vandenberg, California
Mechanical Repairs, Transportation, Installation Pressure Vessels.
Installation Minuteman Drains Storage System.
Dismantling/Demolition of Rocket Launch Facilities and Towers (5 stories).
Chevron USA
Construction & Installation Large Oil Storage Tanks.
Construction/Installation Dehydration Plant and Related Systems.
Gaviota Gas Plant, Plant Construction, Mechanical.
Production Unit Abandonments, Demolition, Sumps Excavated, Hazmat.
Gas Plant "Turn-Around," Major Rehabilitation.
Mobil Oil Company Various California Locations
Installation DeHy Unit & Related Systemst.
Vapor Recovery System, Plant Modifications
Site Abandonments, Demolition.
San Luis Obispos (Public Works) San Luis Obispo, California
New Construction Water Processing Plant & Facility.
Water Pipeline and Lift Station Project.
Slope restoration
Storm damage and road repair
Sante Fe Energy Company Various California Locations
Installation Vapor Recovery System and Related Production Systems.
Equipment Rental, Long-term.
Maintenance Project, Ventura Production Unit.
Shell Oil Company (Pipeline) & Shell Western E&P, Inc. Various California Locations
Dismantling/Demolition of Molino Gas Plant Facility.
Santa Maria Gas Plant "Overhaul," Plant "Turn-Around."
Mechanical Modifications to Dehydration Facility.
Contaminated Soil Removal and Construction Project.
Dismantled Tank Farms
Demolition Project, Petro / Minerals Storage Facility.
Kenridge Gas Plant, Mechanical Project.
Production Units, Mechanical Construction, Demolition.
Site Abandonments, Dismantle/Remove Drilling & Production Locations.
Tank Farm, Clean Tanks, Sludge Solidification, Dismantle/Demolition.
Cat Canyon Production Unit.
Dismantle and Relocate Gas Compressors and Plant.
Move & Rebuild 10,000 bbl Storage Tank & Re-piping.
Gas Plant Dismantle/Demolition, Hazardous Material Handling/Hauling.
Installation 25,000 bbl Oil Storage Tanks and Related Piping/Valves.
Pipeline repair and installation.
Tank Project, Clean, Sandblast, Special Coating.
Pipeline Repair, Major Modifications, Valves, etc.
Taft site restoration
United States Pacific Fleet Camp Roberts, California
Pipeline, 20,000', Valves, Pumps, Lift Station, etc.
Construction of "Wash Rack" Platforms and Piping Project.
Mechanical Construction, Piping, and Instruments Projects.
Excavation  and Dirt Work.
Turn-Arounds, Major Mechanical Repairs, Pipeline
Avila Beach Tank Demolition
Guadalupe Beach Restoration
Installation Pressure Vessels and Related Piping/Valves.
Zeolite Water Softener Installation, Mechanical Project.
Major Spill, Pipeline Rupture, Emergency Response Contractor.
Compressor Plants, Dismantle and Remove 3 Plants, HazMat Handling.
Construction of "Field Office" and Laboratory.
Various Pump Station Projects, Install Launchers, Fire Systems, Piping.
City of San Luis Obispo
    R. M. R., Inc. received recognition as prime contractor
City of San Luis was awarded the 2000 Excellence in  Transportation Award by CALTRANS for the
SLO Creek Walk construction for steel head enhancement
City of Oxnard - Sewer Replacement
Cuyama Service District - Constructed Sewer Treatment Plant
City of San Buena Ventura - Spinaker Drive Sewer Lift Station Replacement
City of Camarillo - Waste Water Treatment Plant Miscellaneous Improvements
Vandenberg Village Community Service District - Pipeline Installation
U. S. Bureau of Reclamation - Pipeline Installation
 Other References
All American Pipeline Company
Cal Resources (Shell Oil Co.)
Chevron Pipeline Company
Coastal Oil & Gas Company
County of Ventura
Los Alamos Services District

          Pyro-Pacific Co-Gen Plant
Boise Cascade Industries
Casmalia Energy Resources
City of Santa Monica
County of Santa Barbara
Exxon USA Production
Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)
Southern California Edison

           Vintage Oil Resources
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